This is proof that I am married to a redneck. This is what we did the first time I met his family. (It's called redneck golf) And yes that is Rusty laughing in the background.


Rusty is on the north slope of Alaka studying polar bears for his masters degree. He is constantly busy tracking and filming the polar bears. Even though he likes it, I'm not too excited because he left me in the ghetto of Salt Lake by myself. They have three stages of storms where he is at. The first is just a caution or warning. The second level you have to travel in convoys. The third level is they have to find a shelter area near by and stay there until it passes. He has been stuck in level three already. This is the suit he has to wear for the 60 below temperatures.


We went home and my family got in a kick about magic treats or I would call them brain teasers. My dad had one where he tied us up and we had to figure out how to get free. This is Jason and Tiffany struggling to get loose.


My mom had a fun time planning Christmas break. The guys went out and fixed up an old wagon we had and the girls stayed and learned how to make rolls, granola, and muffin mix for storage. We had a great time even though cooking is not my favorite thing. That night we had a small talent show followed by a slide show on the life of Christ with several different family members. Then at the end of Christmas eve the family piled hay on the wagon and we set off around town singing Christmas carols the old fashion way. It was really cold, but we had a lot of fun!