Moving again

We are moving to Provo which has it's pros and cons. It will be nice living closer to where Rusty works so I can see him more. But I haven't forgotten how bad the traffic is in Provo and that it takes 30 minutes to get to Walmart and you have to mark on your calendar when the BYU football games are so you know not to leave the house.

*I'm still trying to find the positive in the place we are moving to. In my mind I thought nothing could be worse then Mission Meadow Brook (for those who live in Salt Lake), but Rusty proved me wrong. After Rusty signed the contract he noticed a slight roach problem in the house. Optimistic as Rusty is, thinks it might be an adventure to live with roaches, and a basement with no closets with rooms too small to fit our dressers, and cabinet doors missing, where you can look in and instead of seeing the bottom of the cabinet you are seeing under the house with dirt and pipes. Optimistic I am not. I draw the line with roaches and an open area to the ground where I know live a million spiders. But I will forgive him. Rusty has tried to reassure me that he has declared war on the roaches and has killed them all. i on the other hand no it is a long process to kill on the roaches and their eggs. But no worries for all those reading this. Rusty's friends has offered to let us move into their condo. So we will be moving AGAIN as soon as our month is up.

My brother was nice enough to help Rusty move the big stuff ...but then we decided if we are going to pay for a U-Haul then we better fill it up to the top. So he ended up carrying more loads then he bargained for. The problem now is we have no bed, crib, couch,T.V., or dressers.

This is how we are living....(P.S. I know the house looks dirty, but it always seems to happen when I move. You take things out of drawers and shelfs and then you have no place to put them anymore.)

Dresser= bags

crib=blanket (cross your fingers he still sleeps well)

chair=coffee table

My cute baby sleeping! I am lucky because once it hits his 8:00 bed time he passes right out and usually doesn't wake up until 7:30.

* Wade has been the best baby in the world. Once he got past the first month he never never cried. Now all of a sudden right before we move he is a fussy baby who always needs to be held. Which makes it really hard to clean and pack. It also becomes very tiring. I hope this phase ends fast.

Random picture. Wade is really good with his hands and loves grabbing things. He has found his feet and I think it is so cute when he grabs and plays with them.

Soon enough!

Rusty wishing Wade was older to take fishing.

Hip Hip Hurray for fishing.

Rusty thinks he is dreaming about fishing in his canoe, but I think he's dreaming about the day he wont have to put up with Dad torturing him with all this fishing nonsense.