New Years

Josh decided that he needed to have some kind of explosion on New Years Eve. I guess he learned it in Portugal on his mission. So I took a few pictures of Josh and his process.

Josh decided to paper machete him and Ben and use that to blow up. So my cousins spent hours covering them up. Then as you will see Josh started to have a hard time breathing after they got done and almost passed out. They had to lay him down.

My mom spoon fed Josh and Ben dinner.

Christmas Break

Here are some pictures of our Christmas break! Yes we decorated the tree the week of Chrsitmas, but it was still fun!

Some pictures of us opening presents. Rusty gave me a new coat and I got him a spotting scope... but the spotting scope I got him actually was a spotting scope for astronomy and not for hunting. oops.

After spending time in the Robinson home we drove to Bear Lake where my family rented a cabin. It was nice to get away and relax. We shared presents and bought a really really big pizza. I tried to reflect that in the pictures but I still don't thinkit shows how big the pizza really was.