So of course it is months away from hunting season, but you would never know it with all the time Rusty spends hiking, scouting for elk. His time is either spent hiking or on google earth looking at the landscape decided where the elk will be, where trails and roads are at, and every other thing he keeps into consideration when deciding where to hunt. So I decided if I want to spend time with my husband I would have to go hiking with him.

This is the point where Rusty decides to leave the trail. I'm on the trail looking at him thinking what are you doing?!

I took several pictures of Rusty scouting for elk because when it got to this point I was bored. Of course, Rusty was having a blast looking at all the elk. I tried to take pictures of the mountain Rusty was looking at because it was beautiful and looked like thick untouched forest, but the sun was setting so I had to take pictures at an angle.

After what seemed like hours sitting up there in the wind and cold, we hiked down.

Two days later we hiked again with some friends.

* Things I learned about hiking in these two days:
1- People say they want to go hiking so they can enjoy the outdoors and nature, but in reality when you start hiking something happens and instead of enjoying nature you now have this desire to hike as far as you can in the alloted time. So if you stop and need a break to breath, people look at you like, come on you're wasting time, when really I thought I was giving them an opportunity to look at the scenery.
- When hiking you have to look down at your feet so you don't trip destroying any time you thought you would enjoy the scenery.
2. Hiking is not the time to socialize. I went hiking to be with my husband and friends, but you spend so much time trying to breath that any talking is just a burden.
3. People will go on hikes for exercise and yes this is true. You will be sore for days!

Where did the summer go?

This summer has been so busy and I can't believe it's almost over! These are a few pictures of what we have been up too.

We started off the summer with two family reunions.. on the Robinson side. We drove to Boise twice in two weeks. :( Not a fan of traveling. At Rusty's reunion they have what they call "Redneck Golf". Where everyone brings there guns and shoot golf balls. In this picture you can see Rusty's grandma with a gun...a real gun that happened to be loaded. She is a very nice lady, but old and isn't there at all times so she was pointing that gun all over the place pulling the trigger. Thank goodness the safety was on and she didn't know how to take it off. Rusty finally realized that she had a loaded gun and took the clip out of it and gave it back to her. But this sweet lady realized something was missing and just kept yelling, "Give me back the rest of my gun!" It's funny now, but it makes me sick thinking of our things easily could have gone differently. (I swear I am not letting our kids participate in the Robinson reunions)

This is what I do during redneck golf. I sit and hold my gun. And then everyone kept coming and taking pictures of me like it was this odd thing that I wasn't out there shooting.

(* But I do have to add that I did grow up in Malad and the one time I did shoot I hit the target every time. They finally took my gun away because I was just too good :) I just don't like shooting guns that kick and shoot when there are guns being fired from every direction. That is when I get so nervous about something happening that I usually just sit and watch. )

Rusty helping his niece and nephew play the guitar.

The entertainment.

We moved... finally. We now live in a place where we can actually move around. (Thanks Courtney! :))

Girls camp. I only went up a couple nights, but it did bring back a lot of good memories.

Rusty was put in as the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. I think he gets a little stressed because he wants to do a good job, but he has an awesome bishopric to work with and learn from. It will be a great learning experience for both of us.

Got Lazik. A scary experience but I'm sure it will be a great blessing. My mom was very nice to drive down and come with me as well as my husband. I was told that I was pale sitting in the waiting room waiting for them to call me back. I unfortunately got a cold the day before surgery and woke up several times during the night coughing. So I was scared that I would be sitting on that table while they worked on my eyes and have a cough attack that ended up ruining or damaging my eyes forever. Rusty gave me a blessing before I went and I luckily had a cough attack right before and right after on the way home and not during the procedure. So it was a blessing that the surgery went so well.