Rusty doesn't like cake so this is the choice he made to replace it.

The big ONE!

I have been looking for this day since he was born. :) I love babies, but I don't like being in charge of keeping them alive. I think it is less nerve racking having a one year old.

Things about Wade.

- He has been walking full time for about a month.

- He LOVES the potty dance song. We can't bring out the computer with out him going crazy because he wants to watch the potty dance song.

- I'm teaching him sign language and for the first time today he did "more" by himself...when he wanted to watch the potty dance again. :)

- He loves bugs which grosses me out. He will sit outside and want to touch and grab them. Yuck! You know they will smash in his fingers.

- He points and squawks like a bird when he wants something. It's high pitched, loud, and repetitive. It's not annoying at all.

- He can say mom, dad, ball, and will repeat baa when watching an animal sound song.

- His favorite toys are me, inside the fridge, digging in the garbage, outlets, and he LOVES dirty diapers. If you throw the diaper to the garbage his face lights up and he will chase you to that diaper. He thinks it's so fun. You put it in the garbage and he will reach in and take it out. He thinks it's a fun game which only annoys mom. Yes. He has toys, but rarely do you see him playing with them. I am working on getting him more toys to replace the list above.