It's a boy!

Yes I am pregnant. I tried not to tell too many people because I thought it would be fun to surprise people when we knew what the sex was. Well I didn't do a very good job keeping it a secret because I was so sick the first two months I thought the world was ending. So people at school knew and soon people at church because I was slacking on my calling and was making Rusty miss meetings. But I am finally feeling better. I still get sick a couple times a week and usually at night, but at least its not the non-stop throwing up.

We are both very excited it is a boy, but I am more excited that everything looked normal during the ultrasound. I was so nervous that my nausea medication would cause birth defects. The new ultrasounds are amazing because everything was so distinct that we could tell what everything was by ourselves. The doctor wouldn't have been able to keep the sex a secret even if he tried. We knew right off. I wanted to post the picture because I think it's so funny, but it's probably a little inappropriate.

To celebrate we decided to buy an outfit. Of course it was a little camo outfit and then Rusty wanted us to go look at fabric so we could make a camo blanket. Now I'm starting to wonder if we should have had a girl first. :)