39 Weeks

My good friend Angie convinced me to take pictures of myself all huge and exploding from all angles. Supposedly I might want to look back in several years and see how big I was when I had this baby.

* My doctor at my last visit said I had a good 8-8 1/2 baby inside me, and I'm not progressing. She also likes to wait until a week past the due date before inducing you to give your body a chance to go into labor by itself. Obviously she isn't concerned about my son being ginormous and painful. I'm not bitter or anything. I just keep hoping that she's wrong and that the baby is going to be really small and easy to deliver.

* I also decided that nothing helps you go into labor. I've tried everything in the book, including eating 4 pineapples this week. After my last pineapple it no longer made my mouth sore. I think my mouth adapted to all the acid I was now exposing it to. I also decided that the walks Rusty and I have been taking in the evenings are not good enough. We are now hitting the gym where I do brisk walking, byclying, and a few weights. It will be good for me and the baby to lose a few pounds. :)