25 Weeks

Since there are many of you wanting to see how big I am getting, here is your post. I had to crop of my head because like Rusty said, "I look at you and take and picture then look down at the camera and it's like a different person." I was not blessed to be photogenic. Rusty tried to say kindly, "it's ok the camera just doesn't capture your beauty." Which I guess was supposed to make me feel better.

I know I already look 8 months pregnant. People ask me all the time, "Are you do anytime?" One person when I told them I wasn't due until the end of April asked if I was having twins. No I am just fat. I have a Robinson inside me. What do you expect? :)

Sickness wise I think I am doing better. I would like to think that my sickness right now is normal morning sickness for most people. Sick in the morning or when I don't eat every few hours. I still have a few days that I will be sick all day long unless I can time it just right where I can take my nausea medicine and keep it down long enough to get it to work.

On the good side the baby moves all the time. It is fun to watch my stomach move even though it is kind of weird.