Conference Weekend Get Away

Since I was little, we have been going to our ranch for the October conference. I was hesitant to go this time just because of the long drive and all the work packing, but I am glad we went. The fall is the best time to go because of the fall colors and we saw tons of elk bugling in the field in front of us. Rusty was able to talk back and forth with them.

Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

I love watching them bring in the horses and watching them run across the field. Reminds me of the movie The Man from Snowy River.

It was nice to ride horses again. It has been a few years. Rusty and I looked like city folks who never rode before because we were the only ones not wearing pants.

Rusty looking for crawdads

My brother has been training his horse. This is him warming him up. We all were watching thinking there was going to be a rodeo, but we left disappointed.

It's Been 26 Years, I Think it's about Time...

to make my first batch of cookies. Can't be that hard right?

Wade was so intreiged. He wouldn't take his eyes off the bowl.

Well obviously it is that hard. I swear I followed the recipe to the T. And my round balls were not that big and were a good two inches from each other. I blame the generic brand of chochlate chips. They had a horrible recipe that left an oily mess in my oven.

This is why I don't cook. My poor husband. Last year I tried to make brownies for someone, four boxes later I gave up. People make it look so easy to make brownies from a box, but it's definitely a talent.