Trying to be healthy

So Rusty and I saw a commercial for P90X last year, but I wouldn't let Rusty buy it because it was so expensive. As the year has gone by we have run into a lot of people who do P90X and love it and have lost lots of weight from doing it. Well we were convinced and therefore went out and bought it last week. I'm not motivated to use their diet/health plan, Rusty is lucky enough if I cook more than 2 or 3 times a week and there is no way I am creative enough to come up with healthy meals to cook each day. But we are trying to make better choices and one of the things we are doing is using brown rice instead of white rice.
They ask you to take pictures of yourself before and after. I wont post them, but I will tell you how it goes.

Rusty finally came home from Alaska last week. He spent conference weekend tying flies and then spent all yesterday fishing. It's hard to tell what he missed more: me..his wife or fishing. :) But here are a few pictures from his trip.

Rusty measuring a Polar Bear least this time the bear was actually gone.

I guess it was like 0 degrees outside and they got so excited about how warm it was that his partner and him decided to take a nap.