The dreaded curse that goes along with summer.....THIS.......

WHY?! ........

Why do they have to be everywhere?! Why do they have to be so creepy when they move?! And why do I always feel like that are after me? I hate summer just for this reason. I already wont go out on our deck because I saw a huge spider on our screen. I was so mad because I needed food out of our freezer and I couldn't get out because of this stupid spider.

Maybe you know this spider. I like to call them baby tarantulas because they are small, black, hairy, creepy, and their front legs are short. In Malad when I see them they will sometimes have a colored spot on their back.I wish I could figure out what they were called. But I hate them.

When we first moved into our apartment on the third floor, I was walking up the stairs bringing groceries home. I took an arm full of groceries, walked up the stairs, layed them by the door and turned around for another load. I didn't take more then I few steps when I ran into a baby trauatula hanging down from his web. Literally we were face to face. He came down from his web in the middle of the steps. This was not just a small spider, in fact he was a medium tarantula, who missed landing on my head by seconds. I killed him of course with my spider spray and refused to go up and down the steps without an umbrella. This left a delema because I had groceries in the car and no umbrella. I am pretty sure I made a frantic call to Rusty because I didn't know what to do. I wanted him to leave Provo ASAP, buy me an umbrella, and come home and save me from a dramatic expereince. Can you imagine a big black hair spider landing on your head?

This is how I survive summers...

If you don't have some get some. In Malad we have something called Cat Face season. What is that you ask?

These ugly spiders are everywhere. I love to go around with my spider spray and kill them. Its like my therapy. I am sorry if you are one of those people who believe we shouldn't kill spiders outside in their home. But if is wasn't for people like me we would be over taken by spiders. It's people like me who keep a balance in the world. :) If you walk by a spider and you decide to let him live. You didn't just decide to let that one spider live, you decided to let thousands of spiders live. I think people forget that spiders don't just have one baby, they have a million. That's why we need to kill as many as possible.

I know this blog is a lot of venting about spiders, but Rusty get's tired of listening about spiders. He hates when I start a sentence with "Did you know..." or "This spider...." Once he hears the word spider he instantly pretends he is asleep and starts snoring. I don't know how people learn so much about their phobias/fears. I don't look up information about spiders because that's creepy. But I think we have to become very aware and observant so we can survive this crazy world. From doing this blog I am sure I will dream about spiders. It is not uncommon for me to wake up Rusty in the middle of the night because I had a nightmare about spiders.

*Did you know that I think the Hobo Spiders(1st picture) has taken over Black Widows? In Malad we used to have Black Widows all the time and never Hobos. Now we have Hobo Spiders everywhere and I haven't seen a Black Widow for years. Maybe it was a fight among the poisonous spiders. I know Hobo Spiders are very aggressive, but Black Widows are bigger. What do you think happened? Natural Selection? That would be the words of Rusty."

Life with a Baby

Here are a few pictures of life this past month.

First hair wash.

First bath. Yes. Rusty does all the washing because it still scares me. I love this picture though because he is sucking his thumb. He is just so dang cute!

Visit from Grandpa Corbridge.

Lot's of sleeping...that Wade gets to do. We just try and catch up.

Playing with his hair trying to figure out what looks best. Hmm...comb over or mohawk? Maybe it's best if we just let the hair do what it wants.

Working on my smiles.

He has gotten so good at smiling that sometimes he get's side tracked in the night when I am trying to feed him. He forgets that he woke up to eat and not play.

Cute Pictures!

We went and got pictures done and it was funny because they kept trying to put Wade in these pictures where he needs neck strength. We had to sit right next to him and catch his neck in between snap shots. We told them he was only three weeks old, but when looking at him he looks older and stronger than he really is.

YAY! For polar bears!!