Life with a Baby

Here are a few pictures of life this past month.

First hair wash.

First bath. Yes. Rusty does all the washing because it still scares me. I love this picture though because he is sucking his thumb. He is just so dang cute!

Visit from Grandpa Corbridge.

Lot's of sleeping...that Wade gets to do. We just try and catch up.

Playing with his hair trying to figure out what looks best. Hmm...comb over or mohawk? Maybe it's best if we just let the hair do what it wants.

Working on my smiles.

He has gotten so good at smiling that sometimes he get's side tracked in the night when I am trying to feed him. He forgets that he woke up to eat and not play.


e & a said...

MOHAWK!! he is sooo cute, oh my gosh!!! that smile makes me melt!

Kaleena Moulton said...

I still can't get over all that hair. So cute!

Hailee said...

o my goodness jeri, he is so cute. I am a fan of the mohawk too because that is all i can get hyrums to look good in. He looks like an old man to if i comb it over. How fun, rusty is doing a good job.