So of course it is months away from hunting season, but you would never know it with all the time Rusty spends hiking, scouting for elk. His time is either spent hiking or on google earth looking at the landscape decided where the elk will be, where trails and roads are at, and every other thing he keeps into consideration when deciding where to hunt. So I decided if I want to spend time with my husband I would have to go hiking with him.

This is the point where Rusty decides to leave the trail. I'm on the trail looking at him thinking what are you doing?!

I took several pictures of Rusty scouting for elk because when it got to this point I was bored. Of course, Rusty was having a blast looking at all the elk. I tried to take pictures of the mountain Rusty was looking at because it was beautiful and looked like thick untouched forest, but the sun was setting so I had to take pictures at an angle.

After what seemed like hours sitting up there in the wind and cold, we hiked down.

Two days later we hiked again with some friends.

* Things I learned about hiking in these two days:
1- People say they want to go hiking so they can enjoy the outdoors and nature, but in reality when you start hiking something happens and instead of enjoying nature you now have this desire to hike as far as you can in the alloted time. So if you stop and need a break to breath, people look at you like, come on you're wasting time, when really I thought I was giving them an opportunity to look at the scenery.
- When hiking you have to look down at your feet so you don't trip destroying any time you thought you would enjoy the scenery.
2. Hiking is not the time to socialize. I went hiking to be with my husband and friends, but you spend so much time trying to breath that any talking is just a burden.
3. People will go on hikes for exercise and yes this is true. You will be sore for days!


Lindsey said...

Jerianne, You are hilarious!!! It was like you were sitting in my living room telling me about hiking. I could here your voice, see your body language....and I'm STILL laughing. It's nice that you went out of your way to spend time with your husband in his element. What a good wife you are! I love your "Lessons Learned" about hiking! Oh I miss you!

Garrett & Kaleena said...

I a person that likes to stop and take in the scenery and take some pictures.

I agree that you will get left in the dust if you do this. :(

I really really need to go hiking to get into shape.

Hailee said...

O jeri, i wish our husbands hunted together so we could hike together or go shopping.... hmm big toss up. Glad to see i am not the only one that decided to spend time with there husband on the mountain.

Charis said...

I love hiking for the scenery. . . so if you ever want to go hiking for the scenery, Craig and Rusty can go crazy and hike as far as they want. . . and we can hike at what ever pace we want and actually enjoy ourselves. .