New Years

Josh decided that he needed to have some kind of explosion on New Years Eve. I guess he learned it in Portugal on his mission. So I took a few pictures of Josh and his process.

Josh decided to paper machete him and Ben and use that to blow up. So my cousins spent hours covering them up. Then as you will see Josh started to have a hard time breathing after they got done and almost passed out. They had to lay him down.

My mom spoon fed Josh and Ben dinner.


Lindsey said...

Jerianne! It looks like you and Rusty had such a fun break. The Corbridges always have creative things to do! I just love you and your family.

Jason & Tiffany Corbridge said...

YEEEEAAAHHH!! I can finally comment on your blog. Okay, those pics are HILARIOUS!! I didn't even know that you guys had done that. That's way funny. :)