• Get scared driving over the tracks. Why does my life have to rely on technology? Can't. Just need to take a quick look both ways or speed a little faster to be able to finally make it to the other side safely.

• I always have buyers remorse. I buy things, anything, take it home, feel bad, find that one excuse of why we don't need it, and take it back.

• Like to floss my teeth at least 3x a day.

• Worry Wart when driving with others. It only takes you or another driver to make a mistake that could end my life. My eyes are constantly scouting out the surroundings.

• Believe that milk is bad after one week despite what the expiration date says. I buy fresh milk once a week.

• Scared of mowing the lawn. Doesn't stop me from doing it but I stay far away from the edges so I don't take any chances of hitting the sidewalk or a rock. And then my lovely dad comes after me and finishes the job.

• Love killing Cat Face Spiders during Car Face season! I walk around the house with spider spray and spray everywhere and everything just so I can find that one spider that falls to its death!

• Need at least an hour of mediation/TV watching when I get home from work to be able to function again.

• Like to make up my own words. If you can't think of a word, why sit in frustration trying to figure it out when you can make up a word that fits exactly what you need and how you are feeling!

• Hate using my hair brush if there is hair in it.


J-Hal said...

Jerianne! You are so funny!

J-Hal said...

By the way... that last comment was from LINDSEY Cramer, not Jason Cramer!;)

Hailee said...

ok random, that is so funny. why don't u post pictures or something about u...jk