Deep Sea Fishing

Now that it is summer Rusty and I planned a trip to San Francisco to meet up with my brothers who are there selling. Of course Rusty wanted to go deep sea fishing while we were there. And for some reason my brothers thought it would be a fun experience to go. So Rusty and my brothers left at 5:00A.M to get to the dock and their equipment together before they left port at 7:00A.M. I would like to say that Tiffany and I thought better of the situation and would rather spend the money on shopping then to take the chance of getting sick on the boat and coming back and smelling like fish.

These are some of the pictures from the boys deep sea fishing. Of course they took some dramamine before the trip, but it didn't stop Jason and Rusty from getting sick. They said they threw it up before it even got a chance to work! Mike and Josh never got sick. Felt find the whole time. Lucky for Rusty he was doing something he loved so he could bare the sickness better then Jason. Mike said when we was fishing next to Rusty, Rusty started to feel like he was going to throw up but then he caught a fish so he got all excited and started reeling in the fish. He reeled it in, threw up, and then just continued getting the fishing into the boat, not missing a beat.

If you look close you can see Jason throwing up over the side in the picture above. They also are the wierdest looking fish!

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I must they will eat literally fresh fish, imagine just minutes after being caught, they will cook it right away.

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