Fashion Crisis

We all know that Rusty goes to Alaska and does research in 60 below weather. With that they wear special clothes. Through out the year Rusty has been coming home with equipment or clothes that for one reason or another they don't need so Rusty gets to keep. First it was just this massive blue coat which I am sure will keep us warm in case of emergencies and now it is these HUGE moon boot looking things. Rusty thinks they are awesome. He hasn't connected that whats ok to wear in the tip of Alaska is not ok here.

Take a look and decide...

I guess on the good side if he is going to wear it anywhere, here in the ghetto of Salt Lake would be the place to be. You see a lot of crazy things and people here, I just didn't think we would be one of them. :)

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Courtney said...

Rusty no boots in the house! Tee hee. I'm totally kidding. I'm with Jeri on this one. Do us all a favor and walk across the street to the parkway. I'm sure there is a shopping cart nearby where you can drop those bad boys off. :)