Rusty and I went on a camping trip with my old roommate and her husband. We camped by Masa Falls where it is so green and beautiful!

We found a beautiful place where a river ran through the canyon and of course Rusty convinced us to hike down this very steep canyon to try out the fishing. It was a tough climb down and up! The pictures do not do it justice on how steep it was. We thought it would be easier to climb down the rocks, which actually turned out to be hard because there was nothing for you to grab on unless you went down on your butt. So on the way up we decided to go a different path with less rocks. It looks easier then it looked. It was actually a dirt pile that had no plants to help you pull yourself up. I had to get a running start and when I would stop I would slide right down. So you had to get a good start until you found a rock or plant to brase you, catch your breath and then do it again. I actually would have preferred climbing back up the rocks if I ever had to do it again. Even though I saw the UGLIEST spider on one of them!

Once we got down we let the boys do a little fishing. Rusty caught one by fly fishing, but it was Jasons first time so we will cut him a break. He was also regular fishing which really didn't help I don't think. It's too bad he didn't catch a fish though. It is fun to see people catch a fish for the first time. It's exciting when you get one!

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