I don't think so...

Since Wade didn't sleep well without his crib, I was anxious to move to Provo. Monday I was determined to sleep in Provo and get Wade started back on his routine and then drive back everyday to pack. I got there Monday night and walked in and couldn't believe how old this place looked. I swear it had to be one of the first homes built in Provo. :) You know those old tubs that have legs and the toilet. I should have taken a picture. The smell reminded me of the "haunted house" we had at our ranch. It was an old abandoned wood house that my dad lived in when he was young that we used to walk through for fun. It had a distinct smell of bat and mouse poo. Well this basement kind of smelt like that. After about thirty minutes of being in there and seeing two roaches, I knew there was no way I was staying here. I know Wade wouldn't be able to sleep with it being a new place plus the strong scent and I wouldn't be able to sleep due to the fact I would be worried about a roach crawling on him during the night. So we drove back to Salt Lake late that night. My plan was to live with my parents for three weeks until our lease was up. Rusty then decided he didn't want to be away from his family so we would find another place to live and try to figure out a way to pay two rents for September.

Well long story short, Rusty told the manger that his wife wouldn't let him move there and so we would be out by the end of the week. The manager said he would send a pest control guy over there, I think hoping we would stay. Rusty ran into the man while picking up our stuff and he took one step into the place and said, "Yup. That smell is the smell of cockroaches." He knew there was a problem before looking around. He told Rusty that the problem was so bad that he probably wouldn't ever be able to get rid of it. He also told us that according to the Department of Agriculture the manager has to let us out of our lease. (Thank goodness because Rusty wasn't going to try and complain and get our money back) Even though when he went to see the place all the windows were open and the doors so there was no smell and also no cockroaches. But luckily all Rusty said is we would like to discuss about getting our money back and he gave us a total refund. That was a blessing!

Now the problem is the pest control guy said we need to make sure we don't transfer any cockroaches with us and that we should by this air freshener poison thing that would kill them. The only catch is you have to buy it online. So we have boxes we don't want to unload until we can get the poison and make sure they are all dead. I know. It sucks. We obviously needed our clothes so we had to wash every single article of clothes before we could put them away. Here is a picture of nine loads of laundry sitting on our floor. ...I only wish that was all the clothes we owned. But we still have bags left to do.

It was one stressful week moving twice! And I can't wait to be totally unpacked and settled!

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Tiffanie said...

Jeri...I am so sorry. That is awful. I couldn't even laugh about it because if this happened to us, I'd be ticked!