Random pics of Wade

Getting so big! Rusty loves this picture because of his hair.

Sometimes..not enough, Wade will watch T.V. for maybe five minutes. That is five less minutes I have to hold him or entertain him.

Visiting Grandparents.

Every morning Wade and I go for a walk. We live next to the temple so we usually go there. It's peaceful and Wade loves to watch the water fountain. I am a little nervous for winter because Wade will get fussy if we are inside too long. I think he get's board.

My doctor gave me the go on solid foods. Which I was surprised because he is only 4 1/2 months. She said the new study is showing babies gain less food allergies if started early on solids. So she told me to start by 5 months. I tried a little to see how it would go. He loved it! But that night he had a hard time going to bed so I blame the baby food and think it was hard on his stomach. I think I will wait a little longer and start with oatmeal this time. (I'm working on a high chair)

Loves his jumper! He likes to eat the toys more then he does jumping. The time he really loves jumping is when you are holding him and your arms ache.

Bad hair day.

Wade is in this phase where he covers his eyes when he eats. People will say, "Oh he is so tired." No he just wants his privacy while eating. He will be wide awake when he is done. He is also in this phase where he ALWAYS wants to be held unless he is eating or going to sleep. :( Those were my two favorite times to hold him. Hoping that will change soon.


Angie's Giggles said...

He's so dang cute! Miss seeing him each week.

The Shaw's said...

Oh he is so adorable! I love all the hair.

Hailee said...

what a handsome little man...Winter time is hard just be glad you wont have it as long as me:) Glad to see you are not living with the roaches any more.

Erica said...

Yeah, now I have your blog! Hope all is well in Provo. I've been making baby food this week, little bits at a time, and I think we'll start in the next few weeks too. Wade is such a cutie. We totally miss your family!